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Complete Biography

Federico Ramos


Breathtakingly unexpected, like a hypnotic calling that provokes curiosity and the awakening of senses to the listener is musician and artist Federico Ramos. Federico's identity as a brilliant composer, guitarist and producer is the result of his endless endeavor into the art of music. In his works, Federico's inner peace and outward dynamics are also revealed, as they summon the richness of artistic expressions from diverse cultures.

Born in the picturesque town Treinta y Tres, Uruguay, Federico began his studies in Montevideo, capital of the country. However, his ambition for musical knowledge and experiences guided him to pursue worldwide studies. The musical roots of his ancestors first directed him to the Southern Coast of Spain and while residing in Sevilla and Jerez de la Frontera Federico was involved with flamenco music. Nevertheless, he formally studied classical guitar at the Real Conservatorio of Madrid during the five year residency. His unceasing interests eventually brought Federico to the United States of America. Formal studies were continued first at the Berklee College of Music in Massachusetts and later in California at the Guitar Institute of Technology. In Valencia, at the California Institute of the Arts, he was the recipient of full scholarships. In due course Federico obtained a Bachelors Degree in Fine Arts and also became a Professor at the California Institute of the Arts.

In addition to his numerous ventures in South America and Spain, Federico's thirst for knowledge took him to the United States where he arrived in 1980 to continue expanding his musical and cultural spectrum. He settled in Santa Monica to further his agreeable professionalism and his skillful musicianship. In the eighties Federico co-founded Eternal Wind, a band whose music style was characterized by boundless expressions of improvisational compositions of world sounds. Eternal Wind recorded several albums that were released by the Chicago based Flying Fish Records Co..

Soon, Eternal Wind toured extensively with Doctor Yusef Lateef, who then wrote and composed two symphonic works intended to be performed and recorded by Eternal Wind. One of them, the African- American Epic Suite for Quintet and Orchestra was recorded in Germany with the Köln Radio Orchestra in 1993, and released in Europe by ACT Records. As a member of Eternal Wind, Federico also participated in the recording of Metamusic, also written and conducted by Dr. Lateef exclusively for his quartet. Later on, in 1995, the work The World at Peace of Yusef Lateef and Adam Rudolph (Eternal Wind) performed by 12 musicians, was released by Meta Records. This live performance at the Jazz Bakery of Los Angeles features Federico playing acoustic, electric and midi guitars throughout the session as well as his performance of percussion instruments and African kudu horn.

In 1990, Federico Ramos, Eduardo Márquez Del Signore and Bernardo Rubaja worked in a debuting ensemble of compositions and performances. High Plateau fused ancient folk traditions of South America with a sophisticated array of influences spanning jazz, pop, avant garde and classical music. The instrumental textures and harmonic tints of their native cultures offered an unique and personalized style. Their recorded work Newland, was released by Narada Productions, featuring Mark Isham on trumpet, Alex Acuña on drums and percussion and Steve Fowler on flutes.

In 1991, Federico was introduced to the Englishman and pioneer artist Jon Anderson of the legendary progressive rock group Yes. The chemistry created between these two artists consolidated their creativeness on several recording projects. Subsequently, the Windham Hill releases of Deseo, Toltec, The Best Of Jon Anderson-South America 1993 and Deseo Remixes followed. Federico toured as lead guitarist on Jons Latin American tour of nine countries in 1993. In Belo Horizonte, Brazil, Federico was guest guitarist performing with Milton Nascimento, Simone and James Taylor, for a benefit presentation in the fight against hunger, Natal Sem Fome (Christmas Without Hunger).
At that point, Federicos artistic development transcended into a need for welding his years of musical apprenticeship of a myriad of cultures with that of his native country. The Uruguayan drummer José Luis Pérez, also following a similar path, joined Federico to create Pérez & Ramos. Their magnificent work Flip Flop expressed a contemporary improvisational music based primarily on the Uruguayan rhythms of candombe and African rhythms blending tango, Brazilian melodies and jazz. Federico and José Luis double their primary instruments with keyboards, vocals and other instruments. Flip Flop had rave reviews after released by World Alchemy Records in February, 1994.

During the year 1994, Federico contributed his musical talents as co-producer on the project Heart of Brazil with Dionne Warwick in the recording of Brazilian Artist Eliana Estevão.
As co-founder of the unprecedented group Hecho en México, Federico bestowed to the creation of a transcendental musical listening pleasure. Hecho en Méxicos music was a junction of pre-Columbian sounds of instruments and language with other contemporary musical expressions.
Other past collaborations include recordings and performances with the following artists: USA: Jackson Browne, Lionel Ritchie, Jon Hassell, Mark Isham, Norman Connors, Charlie Haden, Ahmed Abdul Malik (Monk), Cecil McBee (Coltrane), Billy Childs, Freddie Hubbard, James Newton; BRAZIL: Milton Nascimento, Moacir Santos, João Noguera, Martinho da Vila, Geraldo Azevedo, Jose Roberto Bertrami; INDIA: L. Subramaniam, Ustad Zakir Hussain, Amiya Dasgupta; Other: Faramaz Assef (IRAN), Cheb Mami (ARGELIA), Maynard Ferguson (CANADA), Jorge Calandrelli (ARGENTINA), Luis Pérez Ixoneztly (MEXICO), Foday Musa Suso (GAMBIA), Akin (TURKEY), Struntz & Farah (COSTA RICA and IRAN)...and many more.
Calidos Tropical Nights was released by North Star in the year 1994. The duet of Federico and guitarist Ramón Stagnaro featured melodic songs with subtle syncopation and superb arrangements offering to the listener an array of exotic rhythms of Latin and Spanish compositions.

In 1995 Federico again joined talent and creativeness with Uruguayan drummer José Luis Pérez and Uruguayan bassist Eduardo Márquez Del Signore (Jon Andersons Latin Band). The Trio found in the combination of their spellbinding sounds the name of Ritual and the compact disc Presencia was released by Amazone Records. Presencia was presented in Montevideo, in the Teatro Solís in July 1997 with a multitudinous audience and sold out tickets. The Uruguayan people applauded these musicians with a heartfelt welcome. Ritual traveled to Montevideo accompanied by their guest artist, pianist, composer and producer Tommy Eyre, the Englishman that had arranged Joe Cockers version of A Little Help From My Friends. This live recorded performance of Ritual is scheduled for release in Uruguay for this year.
From 1996, Federicos artistic field expanded and he was in demand to engage in different work projects, collaborations and special guest performances. Among these musical productions Federicos highlighted participations are: Cielo y Tierra: Heaven and Earth, Warner-México 1996, with Jon Anderson, performing acoustic guitars and choirs; Pippo Spera: Someone, Amazone Records 1997, acoustic guitars; Drifting, Vision International Inc. 1997, guest guitarist; Adam Rudolphs Moving Pictures: Contemplations, Meta Records 1997, acoustic guitars, charango, oud, bamboo flutes; Cayambe: Influences, Andes Inc. 1997, guitars; Cayambe: America, Andes Inc. 1998, guitars; Heart & Soul, North Sound Music Group 1999, flamenco guitarists (with individual performances also by Ramón Stagnaro and Adam Del Monte), soloist guitars, composer and arranger.

During the early months of 1997, Sony Music contracted Federico as producer of Alexis Peña s recording project Alexis, released in Caracas, Venezuela, in 1998 and currently pending release in the United States. For this occasion Federico convoked the participation of renown musicians such as Alex Acuña and Alphonso Johnson (Weather Report), Alex Ligertwood (Santana) and Tommy Eyre (B.B. King, George Michael, Gary Moore).
Federico also has participated in movies and televisions soundtracks such as The Blue Iguana (Polygram Films 1988), The Fistfighter (Mecamerica 1989), Crackdown (Concorde Film 1990), Raging Angels (New Image 1994), School Spirit (TNA/New Horizon 1995), Night Hunter (Concorde Film/New Horizon 1995), Under the Hula Moon (Periscope Pictures 1995), Steal Big Steal Little (Paramount Pictures 1995), Hercules (KTLA 1995), The Larry Sanders Show (HBO 1996), Deadly Ransom (Master Film International 1997), Ambushed (HBO 1998), and many more. As a session player on selected TV and Films Federico also worked with music director Hans Zimmer (DreamWorks 1999),The Road to El Dorado and for Danny Elfman on the soundtrack of Proof of Life.
Currently, Federico is working on several collaborations of recording projects and film soundtracks in Los Angeles with producers and composers.