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Discography and Instruments
Federico Ramos

2002-- For Your Love - . Edel Records- The Savage Rose.
2002-- Slow Down For Love- Sing Man Records- Ray Brown Jr.
2002--Living on Bread and Circus- RawDog Records- Cara Tower.
2001-- Live at the Luckman Theater. Yal Records-Yusef Lateef and Eternal Wind
2000-- Jazz Relaxante *-Vertical Jazz-with Bob Conti, Alphonso Johnson and Tom Walsh.
2000-- Jazzy Christmas *-with Bob Conti, Alphonso Johnson and Tom Walsh.
2000--Voice of the Animals- Marino Sound Waves- with Scarlet Rivera, Tommy Eyre.
2000--Hoje -Snow Creek Music-with Geraldo Azevedo
2000--A New Map of the World *- Disconforme SL as member of Ritual
2000--Trance *-North Sound Music Group- with Bob Conti, Artoosh Orchestra and Osmanic Empire, Orchestra
1999--Big Band Christmas -North Sound Music Group-with Bob Conti
1999--Heart & Soul *-North Sound- with Adam Del Monte and Ramn Stagnaro
1999--Tropical Journeys *-North Sound- with Bob Conti
1999--Big Circle- Tong Productions- Zé Bruno.
1998--America -Andes Inc.- with Cayambe
1997--Influences -Andes Inc- with Cayambe
1997--Alexis -Sony Records- with Alexis Pea, Tommy Eyre, Alphonso Johnson, Alex Acuna
1997--Contemplations -Meta Records- with Adam Rudolphs Moving Pictures
1997--Someone *-Amazone Records- with Pippo Spera
1996--Heaven & Earth -A Time Warner Co.-with Jon Anderson and Cielo y Tierra
1996--Toltec-Windham Hill Records-as member of Jon Andersons Latin Band
1995--The Deseo Remixes -Windham Hill Records as member of Jon Andersons Latin Band
1995--Vibrante America *-Vibrant Entertainment- with Jackson Browne and Machehual
1995--Presencia *-Amazone Records-as member of Ritual
1995--Berekeke *- Amazone-with Geraldo Azevedo
1995--The World at Peace -Meta Records-with Adam Rudolph and Yusef Lateef
1994--Tropical Nights *-North Star Records-as member of Calido
1994--Heart of Brazil -Dionne Warwick Executive Producer-with Eliana Estevao
1994-- The Best of Jon Anderson, South America -Iron Clad Entertainment-album & video
1994--Deseo -Windham Hill Records-as member of Jon Andersons Latin Band.
1994--African-American Epic Suite For Quintet and Orchestra -ACT Records- as member of Eternal Wind with Dr.Yusef Lateef.
1993--Flip Flop *-World Alchemy Records- as member of Perez & Ramos
1990--Newland *-Narada Productions-as member of High Plateau.
1988--Wasalu *-Flying Fish Records-as member of Eternal Wind
1987--John King Ensamble -India Street Music with John King
1987--Tierra Incognita *-Flying Fish Records- as member of Eternal Wind
1984--Eternal Wind *-Flying Fish Records-as member of Eternal Wind.
*Composer/ Arranger Co-Producer/Producer/Musical Director

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Instruments Played

Classical and Flamenco Spanish Guitars, Six and Twelve Steel Strings Acoustic Guitars, Electric Guitar, Guitar Synthesizer, Midi Guitars, Charango, Ron Roco, Cavaquinho, 10 String Viola Dez Cordas, Tres, Mexican Guitarron, Mandolin, Gimbre, Gunibri, Pipa, Yuet Chin, Dousongoni, Percussion, Keyboards, Oud, Saz, Quena and Sampoņa Flutes, Electric Bass.

Godin Guitars

Federico plays guitars of Luthier Pedro Maldonado (Classical and Flamenco), Godin Multiac, Seagull Steel Acoustic and G&L Electric (Customized by John Carruthers).